Kansas City-based calligraphy


I am a Kansas City-based calligrapher that specializes in special events. Most of my work is wedding invitations but I've also done table cards, menus, thank you cards, and other paper-based projects. 

Wedding Invitations

I really loved the work Courtney did for my invitation envelopes. She was responsive and organized. Plus, the guests loved receiving their notes!
— Audrey

A wedding invitation is often the "first impression" your guests will see. Nothing says special like a beautifully hand-written invitation arriving in the mail, especially in our digital age. If you'd like to talk to me about quotes, please see the Contact page to submit your information and we can talk through your vision, be it whimsical, formal, classic, or simply special.

Thank You Cards

As important as the invitations are, Thank You's matter just as much as a show of gratitude and appreciation! If you'd like to send off thank you notes for any occasion with a touch of elegance, please contact me. I can ensure that you get these precious notes in the mail in a timely manner and with minimal hand-cramping to you.

Table Cards, Menus, Place Settings, and More

I've done table cards and drink menus for charity events and I can service your event as well. A beautifully scripted place setting or table card presents a wonderful little detail that can enhance the ambiance and not cost you much.