My name is Courtney and I'm a Kansas City native. I've lived in many other cities but was always drawn back home.

I've always loved the visual arts. I took IB Portfolio classes in high school but transitioned to a corporate career track in college. I have my Master's in International Management and work day-to-day for a small international firm in town. But it's always been important for me to balance my analytical side with a creative outlet. For a while it was photography and then into watercolors before learning scripted writing and calligraphy. 

I live in Gardner with my husband and our dog, Frank. Outside of work and script, I love to run.

As an art form:

I was drawn to calligraphy as an outgrowth for creative expression and for its beautiful overlap of form and function. I've always appreciated beauty in the details and calligraphy elevates the otherwise mundane (and oftentimes ugly!) handwritten communication to an art. 

I take special pride in being a left-handed calligrapher since it presents its own special challenges. But please be reassured that my handicap ensures that everything I do is thoughtful and deliberate because it has to be. 

I would love to be a part of your special day. Whether it's a card in the mail, a menu, a place setting, or something else unique to you, it is always uplifting to incorporate art into life.